J. K.

... John Lennon, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix.  Young Johnny became a dedicated student of guitar and soon was laying down “riffs and licks” with the best of them.  
By the age of 12, he was in demand as a player, not only for his guitar skills, but he was already over 6 feet tall and could grow a full beard. This gave him access to bars and liquor at a tender age and made him a great asset for any aspiring rock band. The Blues Congregation and United Rush were the bands where he cut his rock-n-roll teeth.  
Full-time rocker, full-time student and sought after guitar teacher, J.K. spent the next decade with Outlaw, Smackie Brad and Zacharia. Some say his ability to successfully “burn the candle at both ends” comes from his good German work ethic and strong will. Others have whispered that it is the Americanized product of German genetic engineering from generations past.  
The high powered pace continued in the 80’s, playing in Fragile with Jiggs and B.Roy. They played gigs week-in and week-out for over a decade and were one of the best working bar bands in the Twin Cities.  
The 80’s also brought the urge to start performing original music. So along with Cruiser and B.Roy, he formed the Brothers Foolish. Probably one of the best power pop trios that you’ve never heard…unless you were lucky enough to catch them performing their own songs or anchoring a tribute to The Clash at The Fine Line.