B. Roy

...to get full extension with the trombone slide.

To help ease his disappointment, his parents bought B.Roy “the gift”, his first transistor radio. From then on, it was a boy, his bike and his radio grooving to the sounds filling the air on KDWB and WDGY. B.Roy became a rock-n-roll sponge and realized his true musical destiny. The boy liked to hit things… and hit things in rhythm. 1... 2...3... 4... a rock steady drummer was born.  
He was soon holding down the beat for Cell Block D, The Canterbury Tales, Orange Percent and various other groups. He dabbled a little with guitar and bass, but drumming was his true calling.  
B.Roy was ready to go pro. The bicycle had become a motorcycle, the transistor radio a PA sound system from Freedom Electronics. Spice, Volcano, Trick, Harlot and other one-word named bands with sexual undertones were powered by B.Roy and his Slingo-Cannons©.  
The early 80’s brought him together with Jiggs and J.K. in Fragile. They had a great run for over a decade, working weekly in the local bar scene.  
The 80’s also introduced him to Cruiser, and along with J.K. they formed the Brothers Foolish, an original music project that continues to this day. If you were lucky enough to hang with the Brothers Foolish in the 80’s, you would understand the origin of the band's name.  
B.Roy is a rarity in that he has been a working musician continuously since the 1960’s. Legacy, The Bulldogs, Cain to name a few more... and currently with Jiggs Lee and the Brothers Invasion.